Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (2024)

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Final Fantasy 14's fifth expansion, Dawntrail, is finally here, meaning Patch 7.0 has been rolled out, giving us access to the new Malmstone Rewards for PvP Series 6. And, like the other Series, you must tackle the many PvP Modes to earn Malmstone EXP, which will occasionally unlock unique items for your time and efforts.



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If you're looking for exclusive goodies, this PvP Series will offer you new Framer's Kits, a Minion, and even a new Mount, making it worth trudging through the trenches of PvP to obtain. Whether you're new or an experienced player, this Series is an excellent jumping on point for the rewards alone!

Series 6 PvP Overview

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (2)

Like the previous Series, you can expect to earn a boatload of Trophy Crystals when moving through the Series Malmstones, with the occasional unique rewards coming in at specific tiers. As always, the final unique reward will be at Series Malmstone Tier 25, meaning you can stop after reaching that level if you don't care about the Trophy Crystals.

Reaching Series Malmstone Tier 30 will provide 5,000 Trophy Crystals, with each subsequent 'level up' rewarding you with 1,000 until PvP Series 7 begins. Trophy Crystals can be used to purchase unique goodies from the Crystal Quartermaster, found within the Wolves' Den Pier (X:4.4, Y:6.1).

The Series EXP has remained unchanged, so it will take the exact amount of time as the previous Series to reach the maximum level, which you can learn more about in the table below. Please note that Series EXP is earned by simply playing any of the PvP Modes, but we will cover that a bit later on!

Series 6 PvP EXP Chart

Series Malmstones Levels

Series Experience Needed

Levels 1 > 4

2,000 EXP Per Level

Levels 5 > 9

3,000 EXP Per Level

Levels 10 > 14

4,000 EXP Per Level

Levels 15 > 19

5,500 EXP Per Level

Levels 20 > 24

7,500 EXP Per Level

Levels 25 > 29

10,000 EXP Per Level

Level 30+

20,000 EXP Per Level

How To Claim Series 5 Malmstone Rewards

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (3)

Did you play lots of PvP during Series 5 but never claimed your Series Malmstone Rewards? Fear not. You can claim them all the way up to Patch 7.1. To do this, head to the Wolves' Den Pier, then open your PvP Profile from the 'Character' menu.

From here, click on the 'Series Malmstones' button near the upper right corner of your PvP Profile page. Once here, if you have anything to claim from the previous Series, you will see a 'Previous Series' button in the top left corner. Click then, then claim everything you unlocked from PvP Series 5. If you have nothing to claim, then the button will not be present on your screen.

While it has been stated that Series Malmstone Rewards will become available for everyone to earn at some point in the future, that really hasn't been further touched upon or implemented as of yet, so be sure to hop on these rewards whenever you can as we have no clue when you will be able to get them again!

Series 6 Malmstone Rewards

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (4)

Now, it's time to move on to the best part of the Series, the Malmstone Rewards, which we loosely covered in the section above. These Rewards are sprinkled throughout the 30 Malmstone Tiers in PvP Series 6, with the last unique reward coming in at Malmstone Tier 25.

Despite there being no cool armor set this time around, there is a new adorable Minion and a pretty neat-looking Mount for you to obtain, which makes the grind and effort to get them feel worth it, even if we would have loved to see something as cool as the Fierce Tyrant's Attire in this Series as well.

Malmstone Tier 5 Reward

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (5)

Our first unique Malmstone Reward comes in at Malmstone Tier 5 and is the Bomb Parasol, which is a Fashion Accessory that can be used in conjunction with the 'Auto-Umbrella' feature, having your character automatically open it up when it's raining.

This black, red, and gold wagasa-themed umbrella is a perfect pairing for Samurai or if you have the lovely Samurai-inspired clothing from the Crystalmaster!

Malmstone Tiers 10 And 20 Rewards

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (6)

Following that, we have Malmstone Tiers 10 and 20, offering unique Framer's Kits. At Malmstone Tier 10, you will receive the Volcanic Heart Framer's Kit, which is the one displayed on the left. This kit offers a fiery background for your character portraits.

At Malmstone Tier 20, you will obtain the Clockwork Castletown Framer's Kit, displayed on the right, which is just the Crystalline Conflict PvP Arena but in portrait form, making it a perfect option for anyone obsessed with the map or mode or PvP in general!

Malmstone Tier 15 Reward

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (7)

Between the two Framer's Kits highlighted above, at Malmstone Tier 15, we have the Squeak the Coyote Minion, an adorable new Minion that must be protected at all costs. If you love cute Minions as much as we do, this will be a must-get, making grinding out PvP worthwhile!

Malmstone Tier 25 Reward

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (8)

Lastly, the final reward at Malmstone Tier 25 is the massive Oppressor Mount, which you may have fond memories of from your time spent in the Alexander - The Fist of the Father Raid. That Raid series easily had one of the best aesthetics, and seeing a Mount from it makes us want to play nothing but PvP until we have it!

How To Earn Series EXP

Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (9)

Closing things out, let's briefly go over the best ways for you to accumulate Malmstone Series EXP, as you will have to earn lots of it to reach the unique and awesome rewards highlighted above. There are many different PvP Modes in Final Fantasy 14, and all of them offer vastly different Series EXP rates, determined by whether you win or lose.

PvP Series 6 EXP Chart

PvP Mode



Crystalline Conflict

900 EXP

700 EXP

Rival Wings

1,250 EXP

750 EXP


1,500 EXP

1,250 EXP (Second Place)

1,000 EXP (Third Place)

If you have been following each Series from the start, you will know that the table above isn't all that it seems, considering Rival Wings and Frontlines take substantially longer to complete than a match of Crystalline Conflict, making the best way to farm lots of Series EXP, and fast, is actually via Crystalline Conflict.

You can likely get two matches of Crystalline Conflict completed in the same span of time it would take to finish one game of the other modes, making it the clear winner for farming Series EXP. If you don't mind playing the mode, we strongly urge you to grind Crystalline Conflict to max out your Malmstone Tiers.

However, if you want a little more Series EXP and want to earn the new Tomestones on top of it, tackling your PvP Daily Duty Roulette will net you an extra 600 Series EXP in addition to whichever place you finished in Frontlines. If you want to maximize your Series EXP gains, we suggest doing your PvP Daily Duty, then farming Crystalline Conflict for the remainder of the day!


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Final Fantasy 14: Complete Guide To PvP Series 6 (2024)
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