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Parent & Student Resource Center - PowerSchool

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  • Automate callouts and simplify online substitute management. Fill openings fast and let substitutes find and accept jobs on our free mobile app.

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  • WELCOME TO CAROLINE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLOur Mission is to create an inclusive culture where teaching and learning inspire and prepare...

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  • There also is a computer in every CPS school building for parents to use to check PowerSchool, and a computer is available in the Customer Care Center in CPS' ...

  • This quick lookup page shows your child's current classes and current grades from the teachers' gradebooks. Attendance totals are also shown. Specific assignments, scores and comments can be viewed by clicking on a quarterly grade. Assignment comments can then be viewed by clicking on any blue assignment grade.

Caroline (2024)


How do I log into my PowerSchool account? ›

Type the PowerSchool URL into the address bar of your browser and press “Enter.” Click on “Student Access.” The Username and Password fields will display on-screen. Enter your PowerSchool login credentials, then click “Submit.” In most cases, the Username will be your Student ID number.

How to check grades on PowerSchool? ›

Grades History
  1. On the start page, click Grades History from the navigation menu.
  2. Click View Counselors to see which counselors are assigned to this student.
  3. To view grade history information for a past term, click the term tab you want to view.
  4. If viewing the current year, click a grade in the % column.

Does Caroline County have school? ›

Caroline County Public School - Our career and technical programs provide students with the social, emotional and academic preparation to succeed in the 3E pathways of their choice: Enrolled, Enlisted, Employed.

What is the mission statement of Caroline County Public Schools? ›

Caroline County Public School's mission is to provide an innovative, collaborative, and engaging learning environment that promotes a community of life-long learners.

How do I recover my PowerSchool account? ›

Click the link Forgot Username or Password. Enter the username and email address for your account, then click Enter. You should receive the email as an email from your school. If you aren't seeing the email, check your Junk or Spam folder.

What is PowerSchool access ID and password? ›

Your student's Access ID and password is generated and administered by your school district to protect your student's information. If you have not received an Access ID and password, we would suggest contacting your school district directly to receive them.

What is PowerSchool gradebook? ›

Comprehensive Gradebook for Schools and Districts

Grade assignments, tests, and quizzes completely online and report back to the parent and student portals in real time. See Holistic Student Data. See Holistic Student Data. Traditional or Standards-Based Grading.

How do you see your classes on PowerSchool? ›

In the Class menu, click Classes. The Classes page appears [Figure 10]. View Classes: Filters the list of classes by grade level. Class: Appended to the class name is the homeroom number (in round brackets) or class number [in square brackets].

What can teachers see on PowerSchool? ›

You will need to click on a different name to see information for a different student.
  • Cumulative Grade Information – Displays GPA, ranks, etc.
  • Demographics – Basic student information such as: address, phone, parents, etc.
  • Graduation Plan Progress – Not used by all schools, but will display their diploma and their.

What is Caroline County MD known for? ›

Caroline County, a rural agricultural county on Maryland's Eastern Shore, includes ten incorporated towns. The county is proud of its agricultural heritage, its history, and natural beauty while it promotes industrial, commercial and residential growth in the twenty-first century.

How much do teachers make in Caroline County VA? ›

The average Teacher base salary at Caroline County Public Schools is $60K per year.

What city is in Caroline County? ›

What is the dress code for Caroline County Public Schools? ›

Pants must be worn appropriately (waistband at the waist) and pants worn below the waist are not permitted. No sagging. Clothing and tattoos that distract others from the learning process are prohibited.

How many high schools are in Caroline County, VA? ›

Caroline County Public Schools contains 2 high schools. For personalized and effective admissions consulting,consider Get one-on-one advising on your essays, application strategy, and extracurricular profile to help you gain acceptance to your dream colleges.

What is the Caroline County after school program? ›

Programs include academic enrichment, homework support, and recreation programming during immediate afterschool hours. Other supports include and afterschool snack or dinner and bus transportation to school pick-up location or designated community stop.

Can you log into PowerSchool on a computer? ›

Users need the following to connect: * A computer or mobile device with a connection to the Internet. * Browser - Internet Explorer 11 or higher; Microsoft Edge; Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. * Your student(s) PowerSchool access ID and password provided by the school.

How do I unlock my PowerSchool account? ›

Log into PowerSchool from an administrator account (not the account you've shared with Clever). Navigate to the System Administrator view (click on the left menu link for 'System'). Click on the link for 'Security'. Click on the link for 'Locked Accounts'.

How do I link my student account to PowerSchool? ›

Once you sign in to the web portal, you should be able to see the Account Preferences on the left menu. Click on it. Under Account Preferences, click on the Students tab. Now click on the Add + button and enter the Access ID and password for your student provided by your school or district.

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